YogaSource Instructor Mara Reinin

Mara Reinin

Specialties: Vinyasa, HOT Pilates

“Deep breath in; blow it out.”
Mara started her love affair with Iyengar yoga in 1998 with Ben Thomas. Having grown up in dance, she was immediately hooked! Battling and struggling with major addiction and embarking on an arduous exploration in weekly therapies, her therapist requested she go to Bikram yoga every day for 90 days… or else! She hated the heat, but she went anyway.
Mara began trading cleaning the studio for unlimited classes and never left. Over time, she gained a deep appreciation for the mind-body effects she experienced, and YogaSource became her home away from home. The owner of YogaSource, Christina Mcleod Murray, asked her to become a teacher—and voila, a yoga teacher was born.
Outside of the yoga studio, Mara worked as a birth doula, preparing and coaching couples through pregnancy and childbirth, so it was natural that she become certified in prenatal yoga. Both her vinyasa, pre/postnatal yoga and Hot Pilates classes are challenging, dynamic, fluid and inspiring. She adds a mixture of breath, laughter and creativity to every class.
Over the years, Mara has studied and trained with Sarah Powers, Ben Thomas and Judith Lasater and has taken numerous workshops. She is a certified massage therapist, trained in mindfulness-based stress reduction with Jon Kabat-Zinn, a certified birth doula (labor coach), and has trained in Hot Pilates with Gabrielle Walters . She is currently enrolled at Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health consultant. Mara has a passion for helping assist and guide individuals into their own self-exploration and transformation on and off the mat. She regularly enjoys cooking, any and all type of healing, all forms of physical exercise, meditation, art and taking care of her family and community. Love. Love. Love.