Drop in anytime! All of our classes are walk-in based!

(No Reservations)

Community Policy

New Students

New Students should arrive at least 15 minutes before class starts. Classes are generally less crowded on weekday mornings and mid-day, which allows instructors to give new students more personal attention. However, new students are welcome to attend any class.

Arrive Early

No advance registration is required – all of our classes are walk-in only. Plan to show up for class a little bit early, especially for crowded prime time classes, in order to secure your spot.


Small towels and filtered water are complimentary. Mats, large towels and bottled water are available for rent and purchase. Make sure to drink plenty of water. All heated classes are marked with “heated” in the class name.

Late Policy

There is a 10 minute grace period for most classes. Yin and Restorative Classes have a 5 minute grace period due to the meditative nature of the class. Thank you for planning ahead.


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