YogaSource Palo Alto offers over 65 classes a week with some of the best instructors in the bay. We welcome students of all levels to take classes to de-stress, build strength and stay healthy.

Community Policy

New Students

New Students should arrive at least 15 minutes before class starts. Classes are generally less crowded on weekday mornings and mid-day, which allows instructors to give new students more personal attention. However, new students are welcome to attend any class.

Arrive Early

No advance registration is required – all of our classes are walk-in only. Plan to show up for class a little bit early, especially for crowded prime time classes, in order to secure your spot.


Small towels and filtered water are complimentary. Mats, large towels and bottled water are available for rent and purchase. Make sure to drink plenty of water. All heated classes are marked with “heated” in the class name.

Late Policy

There is a 10 minute grace period for most classes. Yin and Restorative Classes have a 5 minute grace period due to the meditative nature of the class. Thank you for planning ahead.


Vinyasa yoga is a challenging, athletic style of yoga based on the Ashtanga tradition. Thoughtful syncing of breath with movement is the foundation of vinyasa styles, which can add a meditative element to these classes.

Each Vinyasa class is slightly different based on the instructor’s own creative sequencing, but in general, each class includes a warm up (with or without sun salutations), peak pose(s), and deep stretching during cool down.

It is open to all levels of students, including beginners.


Expect a creative, fun and flowing sequence that includes an emphasis on strength and endurance. Often students are encouraged to exploring various asanas within the arm balance and inversions categories. Come with and open mind and ready to play!


Each class is approximately 75 minutes of a flowing Vinyasa practice, blending the major yoga asana traditions in a new expression combining the best of ancient and modern yogic wisdom in a non-heated room. It promotes strength, flexibility, endurance, and emotional balance and wellness. The first or last 15 minutes of class will end with a guided meditation for reflection and mind-body integration.


Yin yoga is a slow, quiet, calming way to release tension and increase flexibility. In this class, gentle floor poses are held for up to 5 minutes at a time with the muscles relaxed. Students are guided to focus on the breath and cultivate non-reactive awareness of the present moment. This healing practice releases deeply held stress, harmonizes chi (energy) flow and improves flexibility. The mind and body become conditioned for longer periods of meditation. Yin yoga is the ideal complement to more muscular or “yang” forms of yoga.


A deeply healing and meditative practice, Restorative Yin offers the student the space to slow down and open up. Beginning with meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises), the class features Yin Yoga floor poses followed by a Restorative sequence. The use of doTerra Essential Oils aroma therapy is available, but not mandatory. Soft music, poetry, and personal assists complete the practice of mindful self-care. Over time, Restorative Yin, together with other practices of Gentle Yoga, can transform a life from the inside out.


In each class session, students will be guided through a period of meditation, intention setting, and a gentle warm-up practice that flows and slows down into a deeply healing Restorative practice. Restorative Yoga postures are held for extended periods of time to facilitate a gentle opening of the body and a fuller emotional experience of the present moment. Students will be inspired by the integration of Yoga philosophy and mindfulness practice to open the heart and move toward increased acceptance of the full range of human experience both on and off the mat.

Restorative Yoga works to cultivate wholesome states of relaxation, thus harmonizing the mind and body. Regular practitioners often rediscover and embody their innate state of equilibrium and emotional balance. Students will learn breathing and relaxation practices that aim to lower the heart rate and blood pressure as well as disrupt habitual patterns of thought. Hot massage stones and yoga props are incorporated into each restorative posture to maximize the healing effects of the practice.


Based on the traditional Ashtanga yoga tradition, this vigorous, sweaty, and athletic style of yoga will challenge you to stay mentally and physically engaged. Expect a strong flowing sequence that includes an emphasis on stamina and endurance. Often students are encouraged to explore various asanas within the arm balance and inversions categories. Often, postures are held for longer durations. Come with an open mind and be ready to work. Practicing Power Yoga will help you build strength and lean muscle mass, as well as help you improve flexibility, balance, and coordination.


Bikram Yoga is practiced in a heated room (95–108 °F). The practice consists of a series of 26 postures, including two breathing exercises. Its 26 postures were specifically chosen and arranged to work the entire body and all internal organs. Concentration, balance and focus are improved, and you will leave feeling rejuvenated and energized. This class is conducted in a heated environment. The Bikram series is a great place to start your yoga practice. Beginners are welcome. Please hydrate before, during and after class to help prevent dizziness.

Most of YogaSource’s Birkam classes include music.

Weekend Birkam classes are popular classes and may fill. We recommend showing up early for those classes.


Hot Pilates is a challenging full-body workout using Pilates principles, mindfulness and breath awareness; heat (90-95 degrees); high intensity interval training (HIIT); and TABATA (4 minutes of low impact exercise equal to 45 minutes of cardio). This low-impact exercise will strengthen your whole body and is safe and supportive for all levels. Within a few classes you will notice the benefits of improved muscle strength and an increase in coordination, as well as a decrease in stress levels. Prepare to challenge yourself at a new level, listen to your body, pay attention to your breath, and laugh at how challenging it is.


Hot & HIIT is a high intensity, full-body workout conducted in a heated room. This class is fast-paced and will definitely challenge your stamina. Performed on a yoga mat, a carefully curated playlist will inspire you to move to the beat while doing both bodyweight movements and exercises using light hand weights. Get ready to work(out) HARD, sweat, and leave everything you have on the mat.


This class uses elements of Pilates, yoga and functional fitness in combination to create a full body workout using the barre, hand held weights, and core ball to target both small and large muscle groups. Focus on balancing and strengthening the back body, core, glutes, and overall fitness. This class provides a heart thumping workout, targeted muscle work, and breath work throughout. Suitable for all fitness levels, modifications and adjustments made for varying levels and abilities.


Core + Strength is a core based class that emphasizes functional movement. The exercises are constantly varied but focus on core, upper body and lower body combinations. This class will build cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and will enhance your performance and fitness for any activity or sport.


This upbeat Class fuses Vinyasa flow sequencing with weights, strength training exercises and cardio. It provides opportunities for a full body workout and building lean muscle mass. This is a heated Class and is suitable for all levels.


Endurance based movement was birthed out of the lived pandemic experience.
Through movement and a strong steady workout, we will safely explore and navigate our mind-body connection while learning to build emotional tone and sustain tolerance to hold discomfort in the body.  Be prepared to have some fun in the process. It’s just practice. All levels are welcome.


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