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A Note from YogaSource Member, Brian Kasser

Dear YogaSource Community,

I am writing to you as a longtime and loyal member of YogaSource Palo Alto for 12 years (and not as a member of the Yoga Source staff), and today I would like to ask each of you for your help. Like so many small businesses, YogaSource has been impacted significantly by COVID-19 since March of this year, and while many of us remain hopeful for things returning to “normal”, I anticipate many more months of uncertainty and financial challenges.

Knowing what it takes to keep YogaSource operating, I am worried that if we don’t act to support YogaSource now, we risk losing small businesses and communities just like YogaSource that we have come to both love and depend on. As I work to spread the word in my own network, I ask everyone who cares about YogaSource to consider acting immediately to provide the needed financial support: 

  1. Please utilize the online platform for the many virtual classes, workshops, and trainings YogaSource is offering daily and weekly –  and invite friends and family to do the same. While nothing can replace the experience of the YogaSource studio, the virtual classes are the same instructors and have honestly been great – and we all need to face the reality that this is a very fortunate alternative to live classes for however long required. 
  2. Like I did, please strongly consider the annual membership to YogaSource (link here) being offered for the holiday season. By prepaying for the year, this is actually a great deal for members who take class regularly. But even more importantly, these annual memberships will allow YogaSource to financially get through 2021 while the studio still faces the challenges of the COVID-19 shutdown. For those of you on discounted lifetime memberships, consider emailing to increase your monthly membership to the current rates.
  3. If you have more to spare, consider donating to the studio through their website or through venmo @yogasourcepaloalto. 
If you know me, you know I would not be sending out a note like this unless small businesses like YogaSource really needed our financial support right now. Many of us have been fortunate to endure this period without experiencing drastic changes in our lifestyles. This is an unprecedented time in our world, and if your passion is directed towards a different small business, by all means instead give your support to that business in a manner as needed there. But if you love and benefit from YogaSource like I do, I would ask you to read and act on the above requests. If you have other ideas as well, please do not hesitate to reach out to Christina at or me at (as I just try to be of help to YogaSource).

Thanks for reading this note and for your consideration.

Best regards,
Brian Kasser, YogaSource Member

P.S. If you would like to share this note of support with the YogaSource community broadly to help get the word out, I would be very happy for you to forward this. Thank you again for supporting this community that we love.


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