Let your dance be your moving meditation. Embodied dance is a guided dance journey where you are invited to feel your movement from the inside out and make space for your authentic movement to express freely through you. Warm-ups are based in Yoga, contemporary dance, and ballet and will lead into guided improvisation explorations.

This session will focus on authentic movement: your natural movement that occurs when the mind takes a back seat and lets the body flow freely. We will take time with authentic movement practice, non-contact partner work, and free space for you to explore your movement on your own.

Release expectations of how you think your dance should or should not look. Allow yourself to be surprised by your unique movement in each moment.

No dance or yoga experience required. Bring socks & bare feet. Bring your water bottle. Wear layers, sleeves, and pants for moving comfortably on the floor.

Reach out to alyse.yoga@gmail.com with your questions.