Our studio is equipped with the facilities and supplies you’ll need to enjoy a great class! All of our classes require a yoga mat, so bring your own or rent one of ours, and we can provide the rest!

Our facilities include lobby areas for storage of personal belongings, changing areas, restrooms and a water cooler, and two studio/practice rooms. Additionally, we rent out yoga mats and large bath towels, sell bottled water, provide a purified water filtration station for refilling your own water bottles, and provide complimentary hand towels at the front desk.

We also provide any props you might need for class. Some of the props we supply include: yoga blocks, yoga straps, bolsters, blankets, sandbags, eye pillows, resistance bands, weights, sliders, exercise balls, and more.

Beyond that, we have a retail area in our front lobby that carries yoga mats, yoga towels, apparel, and various accessories.

In addition to always needing a mat for class, you can expect:

  • To need water and a large towel for heated classes (bring your own or rent/purchase from us)
  • Possible use of yoga blocks and straps in Vinyasa and Power classes (provided in the studio)
  • One or two bolsters, blankets, a sandbag, an eye pillow for Yin and Restorative classes (which we provide – these can be found in our back lobby prop area)
  • Hand weights, possibly resistance bands, exercises balls etc. in our Strength, Sculpt, and Barre classes (which we provide – these can be found on our back lobby prop wall)


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