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Summer Solstice Restorative & Sound Healing Workshop on Saturday, 6/22 at 7:00pm

Workshop | posted on May 23, 2019

Join Jennifer & Jaire for the ultimate sound healing and heart healing workshop. 

Summer Solstice Restoarative Yoga & Sound Healing Immersion
Celebrate the Summer Solstice at this seasonal class. A Sound Bath offers a seep resonance of detoxifying energy. Together with Pure Essential Oils offered in slow meditative asana, this practice supports feelings of profound healing and rejuvenation.

Saturday, June 22nd
with Jennifer Jones Schroeder and Anaghan Jaire Vieira
$35 per person

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Middle of the Room Handstand Workshop with Kiersten on May 11th!

Workshop | posted on May 04, 2019
Middle of the Room: Handstands for Intermediate and Advanced Practitioners
Saturday, 11 May
with Kiersten Jakobsen
3:00pm-5:00pm (2HRS)
$35 per person
Are you on the cusp of holding your inversions without spotters and want to make that final push towards total independence? Or are you feeling confident in your inversions and wondering what is next? In this workshop, we will work on leaving the wall for good, as well as fine-tuning our lines. Bananas be gone. In addition, we will play with tuck-ups, pike-ups, straddle-ups, and a variety of entrances and shapes. For those who attended “Straight Up Handstands” in April, we will build upon what we learned. Onward and upward, and true to the handstand line!

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