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Hot Pilates Workshop: Are You Doing It 'Right'? Join Kiersten Jakobsen on Sunday, March 17th!

Workshop | posted on Mar 03, 2019
Hot Pilates Workshop
Sunday, March 17th
with Kiersten Jakobsen
1:30-3:30pm (2HRS)
Let’s face it: Hot Pilates classes move quick, but that’s what makes them both fun and challenging. At the same time, though, the fast pace doesn’t allow for detailed instruction. As a result, we typically learn as we go and, in the process, wonder if we are “doing it right.” If you are new to Hot Pilates or if you are a seasoned HP practitioner, learning how to move mindfully, powerfully, and progressively without injury is key. In addition, learning how to move with limitations or while recovering from injury is downright critical. In this workshop, we will focus on foundational as well as more advanced moves, zeroing in on common misalignments in order to condition the body towards healthy motor control.

FREE classes this month every Sunday at 10am at Lululemon University Avenue!

Workshop | posted on Feb 11, 2019

We are so very honored to have been named 'Studio of the Month' by Lululemon in Palo Alto. They're inviting four of our instructors to teach a FREE class at their store each Sunday of February 2019!

Join us in celebration at these free classes, held at Lululemon:
2/3 - Power w/ Kiersten Jakobsen
2/10 - Vinyasa with Kristine Tom
2/17 - Power with Amber Henzi
2/24 - Vinyasa with Raquel Friedman

Classes held at:
Lululemon Palo Alto
432 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA
From 10:00 am - 11:00 am


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