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Arm Balance Workshop with Amber Henzi on 4/8 at 2:00pm

Workshop | posted on Mar 30, 2018
Sunday, April 8th
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with Amber Henzi, e-RYT 500
If you've ever been in a class and had an instructor call out "feel free to go into an arm balance here," and you've either looked around wondering how in the world to get there, or you've boldly tried it out, wondering if you're doing it right, or if you've easily hopped on your hands, but want to know what the next step is, this workshop was made for you.
Join Amber for an informative, interactive Arm Balance Workshop on April 8th from 2pm-4pm and fly into some of your favorite arm balances like Bakasana (crow) and Astavakrasana (8-angle pose). Amber will walk you through the basics, give you time to practice safe alignment and ask questions, and then she will guide you into more complex arm balances. Students of all levels are encouraged to attend!




Inversion Workshop with Kiersten Jakobsen on Saturday, March 17th

Workshop | posted on Mar 13, 2018

Inversion Workshop
Saturday, March 17th
3:00pm - 4:30pm
$25 per person
Learn how to safely prepare for, enter, and exit popular yoga inversions in a fun and upbeat workshop with the fabulous Kiersten Jakobsen. In this workshop, Kiersten will walk you through the basics of getting upside down. Then, you'll have time to play with inversions like handstand, headstand, and more! 

Inversion Workshop Q&A with Kiersten Jakobsen


Q: Do I need to hold a free-standing, mid-room handstand to qualify for this workshop?

A: No. Come if the last time you were up-side down was when your physician held you by your ankles and welcomed you to the world.


Q: Why inversions? Are inversions Yoga?

A: A standing forward fold is an inversion. Down Dog is an inversion. Imagine having the focus and the strength to orient yourself with confidence no matter your relationship to gravity. Inversions facilitate greater body awareness. And once you are on your hands, the possibilities for playful flows and transitions increase exponentially.


Q: Why dedicate an entire workshop to inversions? 

A: I am willing to bet you have been in a class where the teacher announces “Okay, Yogis, feel free to go upside down here,” and by the time you are just setting up, instruction has moved on to Warrior II. And, I am willing to bet (at a slightly lower wager, of course) when you were learning addition and subtraction, your teacher didn’t suddenly say, “Okay, kids, feel free to draw up some Fourier-related transforms here.” Learning requires time, focus, and a thoughtful (as opposed to rushed) pace. Rather than hopping for two minutes twice a week, spend 90 minutes this Saturday developing the skills to float and fly.


Q: What will we do in this workshop? What are the expected takeaways?

A: Elements we will explore include but are not limited to the following: pre-hab/re-hab for the wrists, forearms, and shoulders; strength training for the full body; drills that directly translate to easeful entrances into and exits from handstands; alignment conditioning that enhances inverted stability; supported headstands; good times. 


Q: Why should I take this workshop from you?

A: Great question. I am by no means an expert. I have simply done (and continue to do) what I can to train with a variety of teachers — not just inversion-centric Yogis but acrobats, gymnasts, circus performers, etc. I’m here to show you everything I’ve learned from them. Come out and play!


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